Welcome to Jackr

Jackr is a private, decentralized adult cryptocurrency which intends to solve the monopolization of the adult industry. Everyone taking part in our adult network will be rewarded with Jack tokens.

What makes Jackr different from competitors

By creating an all-new mining concept that rewards every content viewer/uploader/chatter with Jack Tokens, Jackr makes it possible for everyone to make money in the adult industry. Users would be able to acquire Jack Tokens through watching or uploading content on platforms that support “Adult Mining”. User would then be able to spend these tokens to hook up with an escort through or just simply trade out your tokens on an exchange. and will be the first-ever platforms that support adult mining.

Jackr is allowing room for anyone willing to make money in their underwear or to hook up for free without the disadvantage of competing with porn stars.

  • Established in The Netherlands
  • Rapid transaction speed (instant)
  • A new mining concept “Adult Mining”
  • Very own platforms to circulate Jack tokens
  • Adult network to earn Jack tokens
  • Escort directory to spend Jack tokens

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